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    New Year. New Turnover: Let 2021 Be the Year of YOU!

    New Year. New Turnover: Let 2021 Be the Year of YOU!

    The year that we have all been waiting for; 2021.. it’s finally here! There’s something so refreshing about the start of the new year and we’re sure that you can all agree. Clean starts, fresh beginnings and new goals – just for YOU. One thing that 2020 had taught us was; ‘that the adversity we face and the resilience we respond with has the power to shape our lives. With each challenge, we are given the opportunity to persevere, learn and grow into stronger, more compassionate and more grateful human beings.’ (Cenera, 2020) .. and boy, does that pretty much some it up! In other words, it encouraged us to use this year to take the leap, to not waste your life waiting for the right time, but to simply say “Screw it, I can!”. Don’t waste time, start a new hobby, start that business, start a new healthy lifestyle, plan a small trip with your friends (where you can) and just take on that those things that you have been putting off for so long!

    It’s time to take last year and leave it in the past (where it belongs!) and ask yourself; how can I do better? What big dreams do I have that will be plastered on the vision board of my wall? Take this year as a year to reflect on what once was and focus on what could be. Below we have listed 10 ways that we believe should be apart – if not be the central focus of your 2021.


    1. Focus on the good!

    2. Stop procrastinating & be more productive

    3. Increase your motivation

    4. Travel (with limitation, of course)

    5. Keep a journal

    6. Be consistent - in all aspects of life!

    7. Dive into your creativity

    8. Achieve self-positivity

    9. Build new habits

    10. Just HAVE FUN!


    Have a fantastic New Year and remember, let 2021 be the year of you!



    Aim to Thrive: What Are You Trying to Achieve by 2020?

    Aim to Thrive: What Are You Trying to Achieve by 2020?

    Ahhh yes, 2020... the year we definitely will never forget.  It was a year that no one ever thought would cause this much impact, on almost every aspect of our day-to-day life. For most, being stuck in isolation meant that we had more time to really reflect and focus on our new profound sense-of-self. As humans, we all naturally tend to dwell on the negative implications of any challenge and from that, we are led to accept its outcomes for what they are – without even trying to see them in a different perspective. What we are essentially trying to say is that this year may have just been that ‘restart’ that we all needed. It was a time of new opportunities to slow down, relax and enjoy the simple pleasures that we may have not noticed or truly apricated before.

    So, the next question really is, what are you trying to achieve by the end of the year that was, 2020?

    The interesting thing about setting new goals at the end of a closing year, is that it helps you imbed new habits much faster. For some, people get a head start of their new year goals a way to turn the year around and make themselves feel more accomplished. Here are a few reflective questions that you can ask yourself to truly get a hold of your past, present and future journey. Grab a cup of coffee, find a calm spot and really draw into yourself. – if it helps, write down your answers! That way, in a year’s time when 2021 is over, you can see how far you have come and potentially use those answers as forthcoming motivation.   

     What have you accomplished this year?

    What challenges have you faced this year?

    Have you become more self-aware and more appreciative of the smaller things?

    How have you dealt with these challenges?

    How would you recommend someone else deal with these challenges?

    How can I push myself to achieve and thrive even greater?

     The main thing here is to make sure that you are going easy on yourself. Really look back at 2020 as the year that sculpted you into this new person that you may not have realised, was the person you have always wanted and needed to be.

    Here’s to you and to the new chapter of 2021.


    Seasonal Self-Care: Staying Healthy During Summer

    Seasonal Self-Care: Staying Healthy During Summer

    Here at MISSFITCO we strongly encourage prioritising your physically and mental health. As previously stated in our self-care blog, self-maintenance should be centred around all aspects of you daily life – as its overall aim is to help you spark the things that make you feel more like yourself and can be noted as being one of the key components when coping with any given situation – that being extremely vital now that we are leading into the hottest summer months.

    When you think of summer, especially in Australia you think of the hot days by the pool or at the beach - relaxing without an absolute care in the world. But while that may seem extremely ideal, having some relief from cold and chilly days, it may also bring along various health problems like, dehydration, uneasy stomach, sunburn, dryness, bacterial infections and even heat stroke.

    You may not see it now, but it is imperative that you are eating the right foods and exercising the right way to maintaining your fitness and health, that you worked so hard for months and months prior. Begin to reach for cooler, freshly harvested and lower density foods such as mangoes, watermelon, tomatoes, berries, oranges, celery etc. But there is only one overarching hydrating tool that will get you through the heat and that is WATER... and LOTS of it! Drinking water is extremely important as it help rehydrate your body and helps it function better. Make sure you push yourself to gulp down 2L water and ensure a well hydrated body. It is also important and interesting to know that you should not drink extremely chilled water as it will only wreak havoc on your health.

     When it comes to your physical exercise, you will probably notice that your body will be producing more sweat and other potential skin issues a bit more often that you use to. This is just due to the fact that your body is constantly and naturally producing heat – our muscles, many chemical reactions work to make heat. That heat then essentially increases our overall body temperature and disperses this heat by you guessed it - sweating… And so, in response, our bodies sweat more in the summer temps.

     A few tips when going about your exercise is to ease up! Take it one step at a time (literally). We always encourage you to challenge your bodies but sometimes it may get to a point where it gives you various signals that it needs to cool down and rest. If you normally run, walk or jog. Begin to slow down your pace. As your body adapts to the heat, gradually pick up the pace and length of your workout. Similarly goes for weight and HIIT training – your body will thank you for it!





    Healthy Habits: Building A New Routine

    Healthy Habits: Building A New Routine

    According to various studies, it takes on average 18 to 254 days for a person to form a new habit – sometimes even less, depending on the intensity of the habit. Studies also concluded that, on average, it takes 66 days for a new behaviour to become instinctive. But the only downfall is that it can be just as easy to break out of a habit just as fast. The key to avoid this is to start off slow. Whether that just be to take a 10 minute walk each day and then gradually increase the time by an extra 5 minutes each day - you’ll be surprised with how well you can adapt.

    A habit is something that progresses to become a part of your subconscious daily routine overtime. Creating healthy habits especially, can significantly benefit one’s mental health and wellbeing. A tip when trying to build upon habit, is to keep track of it. A diary (physically journal or online) may just be your best friend. Keeping note of small changes may just help normalise these habits. Not only with this help you prioritise your self-care, but you will be less likely to forget how far you have come in your journey – bringing you closer to meeting your end goals.

    Below are just some simple healthy habits & tools that you can focus on to start your very own health routine journey:

    • Decide on a goal – and stick to it.
    • Focus on diet and exercise
    • Normalise sleeping patterns
    • Choose a simple action you can take each day and build on it as best you can.
    • Congratulate & reward yourself when you find yourself building upon a good habit.
    • Build healthy relationships
    • Control stress management
    • Create better time management
    • Practice relaxation, mindfulness and affirmations.
    • Stay patient and trust the process.

     It’s important to take note that everyone is different, therefore each individual may need a bit more time and motivation to get started. Setting reminders can help you maintain your new profound habits. Using an online diary/app to set reminders on your phone or computer may just give you the productive boost that you need. You friends and family can also be a huge support and may aid you to remember why you set these goals in the first place.

    Start to visual your future self and slowly but surely, you will begin to stay on track.  



    Self-Care: Maintaining A Healthy You

    Self-Care: Maintaining A Healthy You

    Self-care can come in so many forms and is different for each and every one of us. It can be noted as being one of the key components when coping with challenging and uncertain times. Self-maintenance should be centred around all aspects of your daily life – as its overall aim is to help you spark the things that make you feel more like yourself. One thing to keep in mind, is to NEVER feel guilty for doing what’s best for you and your wellbeing. It is totally ok to cut out certain aspects and energies in your current life that may dimmish your growth. As you will only begin to learn that it is all a part of you becoming the main priority your journey.  

    Below we have taken the time to create a self-care checklist, of which we strongly encourage you only continue to add to. Use it as a guide to help you keep track of ways that you see are most effective to improving your overall happiness.

    • Do not check social media first thing in the morning
    • Get into a good skincare routine
    • Start to prep your weekly meals
    • Take part in aromatherapy with essential oils
    • Practice daily affirmations (see previous blog for further tips)
    • Get at least 15 minutes of sun each day
    • Listen to a new playlist/podcast
    • Drink 2L of water each day - HYDRATION IS SUPER IMPORTANT!
    • Get 7-8 hours of sleep each night
    • Go on a date with yourself
    • Create a vision board
    • Admire yourself in the mirror
    • Stretch/move your body any way that you can
    • Invest in a new hobby
    • Write down your weekly goals and try your best to stick to them!
    • Buy a plant as a way to teach yourself responsibility
    • Help someone
    • Pick up and read a new book
    • Learn to appreciate your own company
    • Take a walk out in nature
    • Declutter and tidy up your place
    • Treat yourself