Aim to Thrive: What Are You Trying to Achieve by 2020?

Ahhh yes, 2020... the year we definitely will never forget.  It was a year that no one ever thought would cause this much impact, on almost every aspect of our day-to-day life. For most, being stuck in isolation meant that we had more time to really reflect and focus on our new profound sense-of-self. As humans, we all naturally tend to dwell on the negative implications of any challenge and from that, we are led to accept its outcomes for what they are – without even trying to see them in a different perspective. What we are essentially trying to say is that this year may have just been that ‘restart’ that we all needed. It was a time of new opportunities to slow down, relax and enjoy the simple pleasures that we may have not noticed or truly apricated before.

So, the next question really is, what are you trying to achieve by the end of the year that was, 2020?

The interesting thing about setting new goals at the end of a closing year, is that it helps you imbed new habits much faster. For some, people get a head start of their new year goals a way to turn the year around and make themselves feel more accomplished. Here are a few reflective questions that you can ask yourself to truly get a hold of your past, present and future journey. Grab a cup of coffee, find a calm spot and really draw into yourself. – if it helps, write down your answers! That way, in a year’s time when 2021 is over, you can see how far you have come and potentially use those answers as forthcoming motivation.   

 What have you accomplished this year?

What challenges have you faced this year?

Have you become more self-aware and more appreciative of the smaller things?

How have you dealt with these challenges?

How would you recommend someone else deal with these challenges?

How can I push myself to achieve and thrive even greater?

 The main thing here is to make sure that you are going easy on yourself. Really look back at 2020 as the year that sculpted you into this new person that you may not have realised, was the person you have always wanted and needed to be.

Here’s to you and to the new chapter of 2021.


December 03, 2020 — Paola Frangiosa

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