Body Positivity: Our Relationship with Social Media

It goes without saying that almost every individual at some point, questions their physical appearance. External factors such as social media, are subconsciously moulding modern beauty expectations and standards. We are constantly processing images that are being posted online and as a result often see ourselves comparing to the inorganic.

But not all seems unjust – the spread and awareness of body positivity, via social media is moving at an alarming rate.  The growth of self-love within both men and women, continue to strike millions worldwide.  But here’s the thing, positive body acceptance is SO much more than a movement – all bodies should be accepted and appreciated no matter how worth it deems to be posted on Instagram or not. What we don’t see is its ability to also EMPOWER users. Features within Instagram has an internal filtering system that discloses eating disorder keywords and related hashtags unsearchable for users. With this, having these search filtrations implemented, people are able to focus on the healthier representations on bodies on social media.  

According to Ben Daley, writing for the Conversation, research reports that were conducted via social media, he “found that the brief exposure to body-positive Instagram posts resulted in improved body image and mood in young women, compared to idealised and appearance-neutral posts.” In align to this, he also uncovered that the women who underwent the survey, thought about their bodies more often than not. Cohesively, body positivity-directed content could boost a woman’s self-esteem levels and would also thankfully place them in a position where they would be able to confidently control their appearance even more.  

So, what can we do to help maintain this movement? Well, the first step really starts with YOU. Simply look at yourself as a whole person and learn to appreciate all that your body can do. In all realness, these may take some time to fully comprehend, but once you are introduced to healthier ways of looking at yourself and your body – you too, can help spread the positive body message onto those men and women who struggle to affirm their own worth.



October 27, 2020 — Paola Frangiosa

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