Daily Affirmations: Create A Life That Is Truly Yours.


Training your subconscious mind to shape out your idea life, may just be ultimate source of self-positivity.

A simple way to create the results you want in almost all aspects of your life easily, as well to add a healthy and well-balanced self-encouragement, is to incorporate a routine of daily affirmations. 


Ideally, we all try to draw in that ‘extraordinary’ life – but just don’t know how to truly achieve that.

Without even realising it, we are constantly imbedding affirmations nearly every day. What we also don’t realise is that we also tend to affirm the complete opposite of what is truly desired. You may hear yourself saying things such as; “I’m not good enough” or “I just don’t have the money”. By ‘affirming’ these negative personas, we then begin to realise that the universe, will in fact, use the law of attraction by drawing you in to believe and act in the way of what you say.


The trick with positive daily affirmations is that they can be produced with such ease and limited effort. The only hurdle now, is to know exactly what to say and how to bring these affirmations into your daily routine. You can do this by just purely waking up in the morning and spending a minute or two to recite your positive affirmations to centre yourself and dive into the day with prosperity and clarity.


Here are just 10 examples affirmations that have been proven to be extremely effective. The best way to go about this, is to choose ones [or choose to write your own] that resonate with you and YOUR ideal life.


  1. My drive and passion will allow me to reach my goals.
  2. I will use my creative ability to inspire the world and those around me.
  3. I will learn to listen to my intuition and use it as a guide.
  4. My mind is full of effective ideas.
  5. I make a difference in this world by simply just being in it.
  6. I am proud of myself and those I love.
  7. I am confident and strong enough to take on the day ahead.
  8. I accept my mistakes and see them as a valuable lesson.
  9. I will not limit myself to worthy success.
  10. I trust that I am on the right path.


The beauty of daily affirmations is that they will help you maintain a positive state of mind when times are tough and uncertain. Rather than trying to convince yourself that you’re ‘rich’ or that you are ‘beautiful’ when you don’t feel that way, self-affirmation encourages you to think positively about the important things in your current life, like your family, career, or hobbies. This means reflecting on things that you know and believe are good about yourself and your ideal life.

Try creating 10 of your own daily affirmations and getting into the habit of repeating them at least 3 times a day.



October 22, 2020 — Belinda Mundy
Tags: affirmations

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