Self-Care: Maintaining A Healthy You
Self-care can come in so many forms and is different for each and every one of us. It can be noted as being one of the key components when coping with challenging and uncertain times. Self-maintenance should be centred around all aspects of your daily life – as its overall aim is to help you spark the things that make you feel more like yourself. One thing to keep in mind, is to NEVER feel guilty for doing what’s best for you and your wellbeing. It is totally ok to cut out certain aspects and energies in your current life that may dimmish your growth. As you will only begin to learn that it is all a part of you becoming the main priority your journey.  

Below we have taken the time to create a self-care checklist, of which we strongly encourage you only continue to add to. Use it as a guide to help you keep track of ways that you see are most effective to improving your overall happiness.

  • Do not check social media first thing in the morning
  • Get into a good skincare routine
  • Start to prep your weekly meals
  • Take part in aromatherapy with essential oils
  • Practice daily affirmations (see previous blog for further tips)
  • Get at least 15 minutes of sun each day
  • Listen to a new playlist/podcast
  • Drink 2L of water each day - HYDRATION IS SUPER IMPORTANT!
  • Get 7-8 hours of sleep each night
  • Go on a date with yourself
  • Create a vision board
  • Admire yourself in the mirror
  • Stretch/move your body any way that you can
  • Invest in a new hobby
  • Write down your weekly goals and try your best to stick to them!
  • Buy a plant as a way to teach yourself responsibility
  • Help someone
  • Pick up and read a new book
  • Learn to appreciate your own company
  • Take a walk out in nature
  • Declutter and tidy up your place
  • Treat yourself
November 05, 2020 — Paola Frangiosa

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