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    How long does shipping to Australia take?
    Please allow 48 hours for your order to be dispatched. Express shipping will generally take 1-2 business days from time of dispatch depending on your location and standard shipping will generally take 3-5 business days from time of dispatch depending on your location. 


    What material are the booty bands made from?
    Our MISSFITCO booty bands are made from 100% natural latex.


    Do you ship overseas?
    Yes we ship worldwide. Please allow 7-15 business days for delivery depending on your location. 

    How do i stop my bands from rolling down?
    As our bands are made from 100% natural latex, this can sometimes happen. We recommend altering the position of the band to where it feels most secure or higher or lower depending on the exercise you are doing. If you are doing a exercise that requires a large range of motion we recommend using a lighter band. Ensure your movements are slow and controlled, this will help minimise bands rolling down.  


    How do I contact MISSFITCO?
    To contact us please visit our contact us page and type your message in the text box or alternatively you can email us directly at